Save even more at the warehouse store

Philadelphia, Pa. - Sept. 16, 2008

Many shoppers buy in bulk at warehouse clubs, like BJ's, Sam's Club and Costco, to save money. And there are many good deals to be had at each of those chains.

Sam's Club and Costco, however, don't honor manufacturer's coupons. But BJ's shoppers can add even more savings by using them.

And here's what you might not know -- you can use multiple coupons on multi-packs.

For example, let's say you've clipped (or printed out) three coupons for a specific shampoo. And at BJ's they sell that shampoo in a three-pack. You can use all three coupons when you check out!

You may even find it worthwhile to buy an extra Sunday paper -- or print out extra copies, if you get coupons off of websites -- to make sure you have enough with you if you're a BJ's shopper.

If you're buying in bulk, you might as well save in bulk too!

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