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September 21, 2008 "April Smith is tiny. She stands somewhere around 5'2", but she belts her lyrics like a gal two times her size on new tracks like "Wow and Flutter" and "Colors". Fresh out of the studio with producers Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne) and Dan Romer (Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs), April's retro pop sound, carnivalesque melodies and jangly, suitcase-beating spirit will have you spinning like a whirling dervish! Her sly wit, cheeky attitude, sticky cadences, and profound lyrics are brilliantly reflected in her new material. Most recently, her song "Colors" was featured on Perez Hilton's blog as "the kind of tune you'd hear on an episode of Grey's Anatomy or in the next iPod commercial."

Since releasing her 2006 debut album loveletterbombs, April has been on the road nonstop playing shows with her band The Great Picture Show. April has an exceedingly clear vision for her new music: She wants to take her classic retro pop sound and let it happen more simply, allowing a little Tom Waits-styled imperfection to take hold. This chaos-friendly aesthetic is something April picked up while listening to Mr. Waits during her musically charged youth.

She grew up the youngest in a very musical home in Tom's River, New Jersey - the kind of place where Brian May solos were heard more often than rings from the telephone. With music all around her, it was only natural that April created her own - with her equally talented siblings, impromptu talent shows were commonplace in the Smith household. As a youth, icons like The Andrews Sisters, Queen, John Lennon, and Robert Plant figured into April's life in a very meaningful way - so much to the point that when she was growing up she believed John Lennon was God and Robert Plant was Jesus - a pretty good indication of the reverence for music she has held ever since.

April is now preparing to tour the States in November and December 2008! Get ready for sing-along love songs brought to life by one of the coolest girls you know, April Smith and the Great Picture Show."

Please enjoy the performance video from her show at The World Café Live.

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