Click your way to free music, frozen treats & coffee

September 29, 2008 6:20:15 AM PDT
Freebies are a great way to save money! Here are some more freebies you can sign up for clicking on the links provided.

How about some free coffee to start off your day? You can get a free sample of Seattle's Best coffee by clicking on this link: Seattle's Best coffee

And you can end your day with a free treat, a Minute Maid frozen novelty, by clicking on this link: Minute Maid frozen novelty

If you suffer from heartburn, the people who make Prevacid are trying to make it a bit less painful by offering a card that will give you $25 off your refills. You can sign up for the card by clicking this link: Prevacid coupon

And our final freebie for today, free downloads of Mozart music from Munchkin. They're made for little ears, but grownups may find them soothing as well: Here's the link: Munchkin music downloads