6abc Game of the Week 6: Early Bird Special

September 29, 2008

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Is this your first time here?


You are in luck, because today, we have a real treat for you.

Usually, you are not allowed to order the special until 7:00 p.m., but this week, we have an exhilarating Early Bird Special for you to enjoy at 3:00 p.m. on Friday.

There are two main parts to this special.

The first consists of the Bok Tech Wildcats.

They have a consistent flavor to them. In fact, the Wildcats ended last season with 33 consecutive Public League regular season division games since 2002. Not only that, but they won the 2007 Public League AAA Championship, as well as championships in the previous five years. Plus, they have continued their undefeated streak this year by winning their first five games.

Along with Bok, with your order, you will receive the Ben Franklin Electrons and unlike their namesake, there is no negativity here. The Electrons made it all the way to finals the Public League AAA championship last season. They then took their 10-1 record and went up against Pottsgrove in the PIAA AAA playoffs.

Two exquisite choices separately, but when put together, it is a can't miss dish.

How do I know? Because this course has been on the menu before.

Last year, the aforementioned Public League AAA championship game came down to these two teams and not only did they both deliver, but two overtimes later, there was a classic going down.

"They had us down 14-0, but the champions that we are, we came back and we pulled it out," Bok's wide-receiver, safety Trey Martin said.

"People we talk to say that was the best football game we've ever seen. We have officials who have officiating in the Public League for 25 to 30 years, and said, 'Ken, that's one of the greatest games I've ever done.'" Franklin's head coach Ken Geiser said.

But, though, the last game was a memorable one, to say the least, these two District 12 juggernauts have been going at it for years.

"We have intense rivalry…Every game we ever had the past four years has really been nip and tuck, very tough game" Bok's head coach Tom DeFelice said.

"We have to get ready for their defense. They don't give up many points, they have a good running game. They're tough, they've won 50 something straight league games, so we're out to stop that record. We're going to do our best," Franklin's head coach Ken Geiser said.

So as you have seen, these two teams can walk the walk, but they can also talk the talk.

"Bok, you're a good team, but this year, I have to say, watch out for number 83 in Ben Franklin's defense. I don't usually brag, but this game, I'm just hyped up for it, I can't wait," Jamel Hoggins, Franklin's tight-end and linebacker, said.

So there you have it, your Early Bird Special for this week. It will leave a good taste in your mouth and will fill up your high school football appetite.

The cook whipped this up especially for you. Are you ready to indulge? Good.

Because the Wildcats are ready to repeat their never give up game play of last year. The Electrons are ready to right the wrong they feel occurred last season. Both teams are ready to seize the moment.

Bon Appétit.

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