Financial experts on economic crisis

PHILADELPHIA - September 29, 2008 - Financial experts say, those emotions are justifiable. But, they add, the key to getting through it is to not allow your emotions dictate any moves you make.

"People do two things: They're going buy out of greed and sell out of fear. It's what we do as human beings,"said Joseph Murray of First Financial, based in Bala Cynwyd.

"And what they need to do is make sure that if they're considering doing either of those two, they they check with someone that does it all day long to try to allow them to take the emotion out of the decision making."

Murray says there are still some safe stocks to gravitate toward.

"Gold is always a good place to run to, always a good place to hide," Murray said. "The problem is now, how much higher can gold go?"

As for the financial sector, the field seems to constantly be changing with banks being bought out on a seemingly daily basis.

But, in the end, Murray says investing in the strong banks may be a good bet for your future.

"If you're looking for companies that you think will come out of this pretty well, look at the bank survivors, look at the size of the banks that you now have. They look to be pretty good bets for now and for the future," Murray said.

For 62 million Americans, their future is tied up in their 401k. If you're close to retirement, you may have to think again.

"The people who are retiring or getting close to retirement, if their portfolio wasn't structured properly prior to now, that's a problem. So, they're going to be looking at doing something different in retirement or postponing retirement," Murray said.

"If you have more than 5 years or so before you need to take your money out, there are still some fundamentally good markets out there that could represent a good buying opportunity in the equities market."

Some financial experts say they don't believe $700 billion will be the final number in any bailout plan. They say the best it will do is jump-start the economy, not rescue it.

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