Tuned In to Sarah Fullen and the Stanleys

September 5, 2009 "The Brooklyn-based, soulstress-fronted 'Sarah Fullen & the Stanleys,' is kicking it up a notch. "I want to give people music they can feel, music that makes them move their hips and, heaven forbid, even smile! We all need it." With Evan Gregory leading the charge on keys, the Stanleys stir up soul, R&B, and motown inspired arrangements to Sarah's romantic, often innocent lyrics. What you witness on stage is a group of people who love what they're doing. And audiences love watching them.

In the past year, Fullen has played over 80 shows and has been described by her adoring fans as "heartbreaking ... her sound is soaring, powerful, and soulful." (And this was only after one of her very first live shows.)

In the summer of 2007, Sarah was asked by The Gregory Brothers Band, to join them for a three month tour. At the time, she was a blossoming Austin singer-songwriter, but when given the chance to play night after night in front of crowd after crowd, Fullen quickly lost her endearing beginner's shyness and just started wailing. Hard. Crowds got one taste of that powerful voice, and jaws dropped. Fullen transformed into the kind of musician that audiences can hardly believe they're hearing in person. As she discovered the soul sound that was inside of her, she built a repertoire of tell-it-like-it-is knock-em-sock-ems, leaving her smaller ballads on the curb.

Now based in NYC, she's put together a 7-piece band to fully realize her vision. The Stanleys (Evan Gregory, Alex Foot, Doug Hulin, Spencer Cohen, Justin Keller and Andrew Gregory) are a bunch of crack musicians well-seasoned from an array of side projects. These good-looking Stanleys frame Fullen on every side, but their presence hardly overwhelms her. It simply highlights her unapologetic femininity. Their chemistry is catching.

They regularly play their favorite venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, and their audience follows them everywhere. A recent Sarah Fullen & the Stanleys show at the Rockwood Music Hall was filled to the brim with people inching in to listen, despite the fact that the AC had blown out on the 80 degree night. Some might say those are dedicated fans. But they're just fans with common sense. This groups' audience wants to see them from the start. They're moving fast and soon people will be able to say, "I saw Sarah Fullen & the Stanleys when they were still playing 80-person rooms with no AC!"

See Sarah Fullen & the Stanleys next at The Rockwood Music Hall in NY on October 23rd at 7pm as part of the CMJ Music Marathon 2008. "

Please enjoy their performance video from their show at The General Lafayette Inn.

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Tuned In recently teamed up with WXPN to sponsor a fund raiser entitled "John Francis and Friends Night". John Francis is one of our original Tuned In artists. He put together a concert at The General Lafayette Inn, in Lafayette Hill, PA, to support "The Philadelphia AIDS Fund".

John brought along many friends who performed for a packed audience. Also there to help host the event was WXPN's Heln Leicht. The audience was treated to the wonderful sounds of The Spinning leaves, Hezekiah Jones, Kelly McRae, Sarah Fullen and The Stanleys, and John Francis.

All month long we will feature these artists on our Tuned In segment on Action News.

About AIDS Fund (from their website):

AIDS Fund, supports HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and services in the Delaware Valley Region by raising dollars and increasing public awareness about the impact of HIV on our communities. Currently, 30 partner organizations are receiving funding as a result of AIDS Fund's activities to provide critical HIV prevention education and care services.

Since its founding, AIDS Fund has remained committed to the philosophy that by coming together, each individual can make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS in their community. Critical to the success of AIDS Fund is our ability to mobilize thousands of volunteers and donors annually to produce events and to generate funds. These volunteers are valued for their commitment, compassion, and their community response to the AIDS epidemic.

For more information:

AIDS Fund 1315 Spruce Street – 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-731-9255


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