McCormick mum with 'Brady' actors about book

LOS ANGELES - October 14, 2008 "She's been pretty quiet about it," said Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady, "because I've asked her."

McCormick chronicles her romance with Williams, her on-screen stepbrother, in the new book, "Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice." She also discusses her bouts with addiction and depression, as well as dates with Michael Jackson and Steve Martin.

McCormick's "Brady" co-stars said they weren't privy to the details she planned to reveal. Nor was she around for a recent reunion of sorts - she was too busy promoting the book, published by William Morrow, which went on sale Tuesday.

"We don't know what's in the book," said Eve Plumb, who played middle sister Jan.

"I'm excited to read it," said Susan Olsen, who played the youngest one - Cindy - and who's also working on a "Brady" book.

McCormick's former co-stars - Williams, Plumb, Olsen, Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland - reunited backstage Monday at the Sunset-Bronson Studios during a break from filming five "Brady Week" episodes for the new "Trivial Pursuit: America Plays" syndicated game show, hosted by Knight.

"The Brady Bunch" aired from 1969-1974. Over the past decades, the group has somehow formed a family. During their candid interviews, they didn't hesitate to talk over one another, or finish each other's sentences.

They are still seemingly serving in family roles: Williams, ever the elder brother, is the ringleader. Knight, who played middle son Peter, is the smart one. Plumb is in character as the serious daughter. Lookinland, who played Bobby, is quiet. And Olsen is kooky as ever.

The "Brady" siblings were more interested in talking about Knight's quiz show than the details of McCormick's new book, which isn't the first behind-the-"Brady Bunch" memoir. Williams published "Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg" in 1992. When asked if she had ever noticed McCormick's downward spiral, Plumb flashed a smile and refused to answer.

The former child actors, whose ages now range from 47 to 54, said they see each other often these days. Williams, Olsen and Lookinland recently returned to Kings Island in honor of the 35th anniversary of the episode featuring the Bradys visiting the Cincinnati theme park. But they said they turned down an offer to appear on NBC's "Celebrity Family Feud."

"When we get everybody together, we charge more," said Williams.

During their "Trivial Pursuit" appearances, which begin airing Nov. 10, they will recite "Brady"-themed puzzlers alongside Knight. (Sample question: "Who is the only Brady kid with brown eyes?") They will then compete against each other in the Nov. 14 episode.

So just what does it take to get the family back together?

"Money," Olsen said without hesitation.

"Money," Lookinland chimed in.

"It's you, that's why I'm here," Plumb said, glancing at Knight. "You owe me big time."


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