Lots of ways to save on Phillies gear

PHILADELPHIA - October 19, 2008

Retailers like Modell's, who sell only officially licensed products, say their merchandise is worth every penny.

Derrick Morgan, Modell's Marketing Manager, says the officially licensed merchandise, which has a holographic MLB sticker, is first-quality and will last through years of washing.

At Modell's, NLCS T-shirts are selling for $19.99 and hats are $20.99.

Forman Mills has NLCS T-shirts for $12.99 and hats for $19.99. They sell a mix of products at prices that are less than many other retailers.

One way of saving money is to buy Phillies gear that wasn't made specifically for the NL Championship. Online, we found Phillies items on sale at Sears and Walmart.

Another way is shop at stores that don't specialize in sporting goods.

For example, Marshall's in the Northeast had a display of Phillies T-shirts for under $15.

And Acme Supermarkets also have Phillies items including shirts, pennants, dishes and more.

You can also make your own gear.

Most craft stores sell fabric markers that you can use to draw on a T-shirt you already own. We created a shirt using a set of 8 colors that cost less than $7.00.

If drawing's not your thing, you can print a computer image -- like our downloadable Mr. Six picture -- onto transfer paper.

The paper sells for under $2 a sheet and is available at most craft and office supply stores.

Once the image is printed, you just iron it on, let it cool... And remove the paper.

To download the image to create your own Mr. Six Phillies Phan shirt, Click Here

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