Download free Jack-o-lantern patterns

October 25, 2008 12:32:23 PM PDT
This is the last weekend before Halloween. So get your pumpkins, your knives and start carving!

For really fabulous Jack-o-lanterns, download some of the free patterns from The Pumpkin Lady's website.

Print the pattern you choose out onto paper.
Cut the top off your pumpkin and clean it out.
Tape the pattern onto your cleaned-out pumpkin.
Prick holes along the outlines, so you know where to carve.
Remove the pattern.
Cut along the outlines.
Light a candle inside.
Voila -- a great Jack-o-Lantern!

Books of new patterns can sell for up to $10 each. These free patterns are from past years, but Halloween's Halloween -- and they're still really cool!