Memories of former Phillies owner

WILMINGTON, Del. - October 22, 2008 - Especially this season.

That's especially true for Ruly Carpenter, who once owned the team.

Carpenter is a Delaware businessman now, but the former team owner can still taste what it was like to win the World Series.

"After all the years of frustration, it was a tremendou outlet. I mean, emotionally, to be able to finally bring a championship to the city," Carpenter said.

With pictures of the champs hanging on the walls, Carpenter has fond memories of players like Tug McGraw.

He even keeps a replica of the winning trophy around.

"I keep that at home. It belongs to the team and to the city, the original," said Carpenter.

Carpenter can only hope the Phillies relive that unforgettable moment in history by bringing yet another trophy home.

The former owner expects this series against the Tampa Bay Rays to be a tough one.

"Nobody remembers who finishes second place in the world, when you play for the world championship. I just hope they prevail."

He added a little advice for the team:

"Relax, got out there and let's win it all."

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