Catching up with longtime Phillies Phans

PHILADELPHIA - October 22, 2008 - "I just feel it's there," Betty said. "It's how we felt in 1980. This is it, we're going to do it."

They have been Phillies season ticket holders since the team played at Connie Mack Stadium and general admission was a $1.50.

They have a piece of a seat from the day the stadium closed.

They were also there during the 1950 World Series, when the Phils lost to the Yankees.

And she & Josie had a seat for 1964's disappointment.

"1964 was the year we didn't get there. We blew it. But, we had our tickets," Betty said.

The saw the Phillies redeem themselves in 1980.

"My favorite moment during that whole thing was when Pete Rose caught the ball when Bob Boone almost dropped it."

In the late 40's & 50's some of the players lived in their neighborhood.

The two have also been fixtures in Clearwater for the Phils' spring training for the past 54 years.

Josie says even before they retired, they'd find a way to get there.

"We've gong from flying, then they started driving, now we take the auto train," said Davey.

Both were hoping to be there this weekend, but Betty had knee replacement surgery a less than a month ago.

Josie won't miss it, rain or shine. Neither will Betty.

However, she says: "I have a feeling I'll be watching it at home."

The reason Betty scheduled her knee surgery for the end of September was so she's sure not to miss spring training next March!

If the Phillies win this year, she'll savor the victory in memory of her sister, Ann, who died 3 years ago, but was attending the teams's games long before she was!

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