BPA in dental sealants

October 23, 2008 2:27:40 PM PDT
Worries about the chemical BPA has a lot of people tossing out their plastic water bottles and baby bottles.

And now the same concern has parents wondering about the safety of dental sealants for their children.

Studies have found trace amounts of BPA in those sealants, which are used to protect children from cavities.

A leading pediatric dental expert says parents shouldn't worry.

Dr. Joel Berg, the chair of pediatric dentistry at the University of Washington says, "You might find trace amounts of bpa in sealants, but it's negligible. Very tiny amounts. So the risk/benefit? Not an issue. Sealants are very safe. They're extremely important. And they're very effective."

Dr. Berg says sealants are still one of the best ways to prevent cavities.

And it's not in all sealants. Some have other ingredients are hardening agents.