World Series dreams come true

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - October 24, 2008 - Matt Rutkowsky went to Howe Elementary School in West Chester to surprise 10-year-old Danny Koerning with two World Series tickets.

Rutkowsky said he wanted to do something nice for someone with special challenges.

Danny was referred by the "Make a Wish Foundation," because he has cystic fybrosis, a life-threatening disease of the respiratory and digestive systems.

The fifth grader endures physical treatment twice a day, 15 medications daily, and lots of trips to the doctor.

Now the boy who longed to see the Phillies at spring training now has $225 tickets to see them in game three of the World Series.

"You're going to be sitting right behind home plate," Rutkowski told Danny. "If it rains, you'll be in the Hall of Fame Club. If it rains, you're not going to get wet. So you're going to have the best time. Congratulations!"

Rutkowsky, who owns PennyGreen landscaping & irrigation could take his six or nine year old sons, but says he wants to share his good fortune.

"I wish I had 100 tickets. I'd give all hundred of them out if I had them. I really wish I did. I wish I had tickets for next two games, I'd give them away. I can sit and watch the game. I'm content with that. I'm content with a lot of things I've been given," Rutkowsky said.

The surprise generosity moved Danny to tears.

"This just means so much. So much for all that he has to go through. And for somebody that we don't know would open their hearts and give this gift to him..." said Danny's mom Janet.

The appreciative boy of few words will be geared up with gifts from his mom's colleagues.

Ever the faithful fan, he said he believed the Phillies would go to the World Series.

But, he said he didn't think he'd actually be there, too.

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