Mrs. Fixit: Quick Clean Ups

November 2, 2008

First up, clutter! Grab a laundry basket and walk through the house collecting anything that's out of place like shoes, toys, games and papers and stick the basket in an out of the way spot.

In the kitchen, quickly wipe down counters, stoves and faucets with a damp microfiber cloth. These cloths will give you a clean lint free shine without needing to grab separate cleaners. Simmer some citrus fruit or cinnamon sticks on the stovetop to freshen the air.

Use the microfiber cloth again in the bathroom for a quick wipe down of all the surfaces, put out a new roll of toilet paper and fresh hand towels. A new bar of soap or a few dryer sheets in the garbage can will help the room smell fresher too.

Walk through living areas and fluff pillows and throws so they're neat and look fresh. Also run a duster over plants and picture frames to spruce up the room.

Put a squeegee on the end of a broom handle and quickly run it over carpets its will plump up the fibers without pulling out the vacuum.

A few tricks to get you ready for company in record time! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple! "Come On In"!

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