How big is Will? YouTube local sensation

November 13, 2008 Will's mom Heather took Will to the Phillies victory parade last month.

Heather began playing a game with the youngster to kill time and somehow the anxious crowd caught on, and ate it up.

The family posted the video on YouTube so a relative living overseas could see it.

It has since been shown multiple times on network television and the clip is linked on dozens of other websites.

This is the first time Will's parents had ever posted anything on YouTube. They uploaded it on the day of the parade, October 31. Since then, more than 176,000 people have watched Will.

Will seems more interested in fire trucks than the Phillies these days.

In fact, whenever his parents mention the team, he says meow because a relative's cat is named "Phillie."

When all this blows over, the Will's parents will look forward to Will the YouTube star going back to being just, Will.

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