$700,000 nabbed in Philly heist - Philadelphia News

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - November 14, 2008 It all happened shortly after 9:00 a.m. Friday morning at the intersection of Oregon Avenue and Randolph Streets.

The FBI won't say exactly how much the men got away with.

There is one shot of the suspects from a surveillence video. They can be seen running in the top right corning of the screen.

One witness, Ronnie Noce, says it all happened very fast.

"They came out of nowhere. Fortunately, thank God, no one was hurt," Noce said.

The gunpoint robbery went down inside a check cashing store from behind bullet proof glass.

When two Dunbar armored guards showed up to deliver cash to the check cashing business on this busy payday Friday the bandits, one brandishing a gun, the other serving as a lookout, made their move.

"One guard stayed in the truck, one was was making the delivery inside. As soon as he enterd the facility, he was overpowered by one of the two subjects. The bag was taken, and the two suspects fled," said FBI Special Agent J.J. Claver.

Both suspects were described as men in their late 20s with stocky builds, under six feet tall wearing hooded jackets.

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