Turkey Trotters hold the line on their waistlines

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. - November 27, 2008

For some, pounding the pavement is a holiday tradition, but also an excuse.

Dominic Corrado said, "So I can eat more turkey, more mashed potatoes." "If we burn the calories then we can eat more and snooze after dinner," his wife Kara said.

Jared Carter of 'Move Forward Fitness' said the turkey trotters have the right idea.

"If they want to avoid putting on extra holiday weight you need to keep your metabolism up- the way you do that is through exercise," he said. Running is good and Carter said strength training is even better.

Another tip is to remember the Thanksgiving Holiday is one day- Thursday. And for that day, Carter said go ahead and over-indulge on your favorites.

"My husband makes awesome stuffing so that's top of the list," runner Elisa Kruger said.

But come Friday and the rest of the weekend, "then you're back into it, back to the gym, eating well," Carter said, adding try to give away extra leftovers and resist temptation. "Pecan pie is super good but it's awful for you so instead of having two slices, have a half-slice."

It also helps to remember the holiday is not just about food. "It's a time where you can be thankful for the things you have," said 11-year-old Julia Bennett. 9-year-old Matt DeLaura said it's also a time to "honor the people around you because they help you every day."

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