Study: Vitamin D a boost to heart health

December 2, 2008

A new review of several studies shows a lack of the vitamin boosts the risk for heart attack and strokes.

Experts also estimate up to half of adults and 30-percent of kids don't get enough Vitamin D.

Dr. James O'Keefe, the study author, says, "There's a real growing chorus of experts from around the country in various fields that say we should be getting a lot more Vitamin D. And so if the average American is taking in 200 units a day, it should probably be pushed up to 1,000 units a day."

Vitamin D is known as the 'sunshine vitamin' because your skin makes the nutrient from exposure to sunlight.

10 minutes a day is usually enough for people with lighter skin... Darker skin needs a bit more.

Doctors say you can also take Vitamin D supplements.

And you can have your vitamin D level tested to make sure you're getting enou

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