Travelers outraged over Logos Travel Agency

PHILADELPHIA - December 3, 2008 Those customers tell Action News they were heading to weddings, religious ceremonies and family emergencies.

Now, it appears the trips may never happen.

After paying Logos Travel $4,000, Sohil Patel is finding himself stuck with no ticket, and empty pockets.

"I have to go to India, that's why I bought it," Patel said. "There's an emergency in India, my dad is sick, I have to go."

Patel and many others tell Action News that Logos provided them with confirmation numbers for plane tickets on Jet Airways. But those tickets were cancelled, or never bought in the first place.

Jay Patel, and others, paid Logos twenty to thirty thousand dollars to take their entire families to India.

"It's very frustrating, that's my life savings. It's $22,000. It takes a lot of time to save that money," Jay Patel said. "So I went to a different travel agent, and they said they can't do anything because all of the other airlines are booked."

Philadelphia police have been swamped with complaints about Logos, and officers are investigating. They interviewed the owner, took business records and computers in for evidence Tuesday night.

Action News wasn't able to reach the owner of Logos, but an employee who said he wasn't authorized to talk did say, "We don't know yet, it was some kind of embezzlement in here by one of the workers. Police are investigating, we're investigating, and we'll get to the bottom of it."

Meanwhile, Jet Airways said Logos paid a third company called Arc to buy tickets from the airline, but then defaulted on its payments, so Arc cancelled the customers' tickets.

"We're all stuck here, my whole family," Jay Patel said. "My brother, my sister, everybody's here still."

On Wednesday night, travelers packed a previously scheduled police community meeting with a flood of complaints and questions.

There were so many, the police had to set up an assembly line to take the information.

They showed documents and cancelled checks, some of it representing life savings.

Months of planning and long dreamed of trips are gone.

Some were scheduled to leave in a few days.

They want action now.

Many of these people don't have the money to buy new tickets to make their trips. Getting restitution for what they've already spent may take months or years. In the meantime, they are missing weddings, funerals, and other important family events.

Action News went to the owner of the agency's house looking for answers.

A woman there said he was home, but wasn't talking.

Police say the owner of Logos Travel is cooperating with the investigation, but detectives want to hear from more possible victims. If you have a complaint about Logos Travel, you're asked to call Major Crimes at 215-686-3396.

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