Man shot by police in Philadelphia

GRAYS FERRY - December 5, 2008 Police say the suspect's mother called them after finding her son slashing her tires.

Friends say days of fighting over his drug addiction had reached a boiling point, but when police responded, they say the suspect not only had an ice pick, but also a gun.

"The officers gave demands to drop.. As a result of that failure to do so, officers discharged the weapon," Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel of the Philadelphia Police said.

The suspect was hit once in the stomach.

As he lay on the sidewalk, officers say he scrambled to retrieve the gun and uttered the words "you should've killed me."

Soon it may get easier for some officers to shoot and kill.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced Friday that officers can now upgrade to larger caliber weapons.

The department will continue issuing 9mms, but officers can now purchase 40 and 45 caliber weapons to use on the street.

"We're simply trying to make sure officers have the type of weapons they need to be effective on the street," Commissioner Ramsey said.

After a year when the department had to bury far too many of its own, police brass believe the move will, in a sense, even the playing field.

The name of the suspect in Friday's officer-involved shooting has not been released.

Police tell Action News he's going to survive his injuries.

You can get the latest crime statistics from the Philadelphia Police by CLICKING HERE for the force's crime data mapping site.

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