Last-minute shopping pays off

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - December 22, 2008 - That leaves a lot of people who have a lot to get done, considering there are just a few more shopping days before /*Christmas*/.

But, this year, waiting for last-minute deals might just pay off.

At Franklin Mills, known for its factory stores and outlets, it's not surprising that a lot of the shoppers there were most concerned about getting good deals.

Many found them at the soon-to-be closed /*K-B Toys*/, where everything was 40% off.

Luz Bones of North Philadelphia, who just finished working 7 days straight, bought more than 15 toys but spent only $125 dollars.

"Everything is so high right now that it's hard to find good deals, but actually I found good things, on my budget," Bones said.

Mike Hanna of Northeast Philadelphia said the discounts were worth waiting in long lines.

"Excellent discounts. They're sort of running out of things," Hanna said. "And you have people fighting to grab everything you're touching!"

"It's a war zone!"

It did seem the bigger the discount on the signs in the window, the longer the lines at the registers inside.

Shoppers found that procrastinating paid off, with some stores offering discounts of up to 70%.

"It does pay to wait because, at the beginning of the season, everything was real high," said Kelly Elam of Southwest Philadelphia. "Now they're trying to get rid of it, so its cheaper."

Elam just came home from college, so she had an excuse for getting a late shopping start.

Meanwhile, Audrena McDaniels always waits and said she found some good deals without even looking for them.

"I love the last-minute, the rush," McDaniels said. "Being in the stores at the last minute. It's the Christmas rush!"

Unlike some other shoppers, McDaniels didn't think waiting paid off.

"I got a few good deals, but not that many."

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