Smoking & the holidays; lose fat - drop heart disease

December 28, 2008

Why this may be a good time to kick cigarettes

Any time is a good time to quit smoking, but committing to it during the holidays may help you make that commitment stick.

Experts at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute say memories of the holidays, and the people who are important to you can strengthen your willpower.

Write down your reasons for quitting, and keep them on hand, to re-read when you're tempted to smoke.

And remember, staying off cigarettes for at least 10 years will cut your risk of lung cancer in half.


Liposuction won't help heart disease

Losing weight, especially excess pounds around the middle, doesn't always mean a lower risk of heart disease.

How you lose that weight matters.

Researchers at the University of Texas say diet, exercise, and gastric bypass can help reduce the risk for heart disease.

But, liposuction doesn't seem to bring the same benefits.

Doctors say it's because liposuction only takes fat from the surface, not the deeper fat linked to C-Reactive Protein - that's a protein in the blood that's linked to heart disease.


"Skier's Thumb"

The ski season usually moves into high gear around the holidays.

And doctors say that's when they see a boom in "skiier's thumb."

Experts at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital say the injury occurs when the hand gets caught in the handle of a ski pole, stretching and straining the thumb ligaments.

Symptoms include pain and swelling at the base of the thumb.

Luckily, treatment is usually a cast or a splint, not surgery.

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