Wrong skyline on state web site

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - December 30, 2008

State Sen. Jeff Plale noticed the geography gaffe after looking at the site created by the Government Accountability Board.

"I'm looking at that thinking, 'What the heck?"' the South Milwaukee Democrat said. "I don't think a lot of Minnesota legislators care about our Government Accountability Board."

The board said it's paying Bloomfield, Conn.-based PCC Technology Group about $1 million to develop the site as part of a new system for tracking campaign fund raising and spending.

Ethics specialist Tommy Winkler said PCC was using the image of the Minneapolis skyline as a placeholder while it searches for a copyright-free image of Madison's skyline.

Ethics division director Jonathan Becker joked the skyline was a "fanciful picture of what Madison may look like someday." He said he'll ask the vendor to promptly update the picture.

"It's nice, though, isn't it?" Becker said. "It looks like a nice place to live."

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