Residents complain of coyotes

January 11, 2009 7:43:35 AM PST
Milwaukee residents say they are being stalked by coyotes on the city's south side.

Joan Stirdivant says she was walking her small dog, Teddy, when a coyote sneaked up behind them. Stirdivant says she screamed for help but could not get away. She walks with a cane.

Finally, a bicyclist came by and helped chase off the coyote. But Stirdivant says the animal later reappeared and tried to keep her and her dog from entering her condo.

Other residents have reported at least three dogs killed.

DNR wildlife biologist Marty Johnson says calls from city residents about coyotes increased last fall.

The DNR's southeastern regional wildlife manager, Tami Ryan, says coyotes have been seen in Milwaukee for 15 years and are "here to stay."