Lights, camera, action!

February 27, 2009 5:59:07 AM PST
It was lights, camera, action with virtually all of Market Street shut down Thursday night for the latest segment of the action thriller Law Abiding Citizen.

"It's kind of exciting you don't see this everyday," said Joshmin Ray of East Oak Lane.

The movie, which stars Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler among others, is a movie about a psychopathic mastermind who is captured for the murder of his wife's killers who then threatens a gruesome killing spree across the city unless he's released.

They were filming a chase scene down Market Street, with Jamie Foxx being chased by one of the bad guys.

"They are on the way to-- I don't want to tell you the end of the movie, but they are doing something really, really spectacular, they're gonna save the world in this scene," said director F. Gary Gray.

Gray is famous for his filming techniques whose credits include The Negotiator, and The Italian Job which was also filmed in part in Philadelphia.

"I'm shooting kind of a Neo-Noir vibe and so all of the architecture, the weather, everything about it, the way the city is set works perfectly for this movie, I love it," Gray said.

The motion picture crew has filmed all over the city, including City Hall, I-95, Holmesburg Prison and soon in Overbrook.

"Everybody in Philadelphia is gonna look up and say, I know where I am, they're gonna get it, they're gonna identify with it, Philadelphia is a major character i

n this movie," said Carol Green who is a film publicist.

As may be expected there was a healthy crowd of onlookers from across the region to watch the filming.

The filming was to be underway until 5:00am on Market Street. Law Abiding Citizen is only half-way through live action filming. It is expected to be released on the big screen March 10, 2010.

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