Del. State Police auction has "hot" deals

May 1, 2009 10:26:19 AM PDT
Most of the year, Peggy Anderson works for the Delaware State Police licensing security guards.

But she's spent the past week in a storage shed behind the barracks in Dover, Del., sorting and tagging hundreds of items that will be sold tomorrow at the annual Delaware State Police auction.

A retired trooper serves as the auctioneer.

"At least by 8:30 or maybe earlier, we'll start the public preview. At 9:00, we start the auction," Anderson explains.

Bidders need to bring cash or checks. The police aren't equipped to take credit cards.

Among the items that will up for sale, nearly 100 bicycles, along with power tools, televisions, video games and other electronics.

There's an assortment of gold jewelry and watches, along with some surprising items like unopened jars of muscle-building supplements and clothes -- which were likely shoplifted.

Sgt. Joshua Bushweller explains, "Mostly, it's seized property, recovered through investigation, or found and turned into police."

The biggest find this year may be somewhere among the boxes of about a half-million collectible sports trading cards. They will be sold of in lots according to sport: baseball, football and NASCAR.

There's no predicting what the items will sell for. Often bidders get great deals, but not always. Anderson says sometimes people get so caught up in the bidding process that they over-pay.

Money raised at the auction goes to the retired trooper's pension association.

For more information about the auction, click here.

The state police headquarters is located at 1440 North DuPont Highway in Dover, Delaware.

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