Married 80 years!

June 1, 2009 They are the world's second longest-married couple; Action News actually met them last year but we're so fascinated by their abiding devotion, and endless love that we decided to pay them another visit just a few weeks before their 80th wedding anniversary.

Spend 10 minutes with Bill and Marie DeCaro, and you realize they're still as much in love today as they were 8 decades ago!

"(It's) because she never gets mad at anything."

Bill turned 100 In March; Marie becomes a Centenarian this fall. The path to lasting love, they say, is forgiveness.

"If we have a little dispute, which we have, in about 5 minutes she'll come over or I'll do the same thing to her, (and you) forget it, you have to!"

The couple was married in South Philadelphia In 1929. She still wears the pearls he gave her on their wedding day. They still like to cuddle and Bill has an excellent cure for her sleepless nights.

"So I turn around, put my hands on her stomach and she falls asleep," he said.

"Honest to God Bill! Now that's not fair telling every little thing," she exclaimed in return.

Marie says she likes a man who's an independent thinker.

"Don't just gobble everything that I say you got a head of your own, use your own head."

Before they were married the couple travelled the Vaudeville circuit with Bill's brother. They danced in theatres during the silent movie era.

"Silent movies went out and the Vaudeville Theatres started to close up."

Bill, who didn't graduate from high school, began selling insurance. He did that with an 8th grade education for 43 years!

Bill says today's economy is nothing compared to the Great Depression when he lost all of his money.

"The bank closed I never got a penny back of that."

The parents of four, their oldest son, died in February at age 76. They now rely on their walkers to get around, but have few complaints they only wish more couples could have marriages as good as theirs.

"Where do couples go wrong? They spend too much money. Don't know how to hold on to more money."

Beyond that advice, Marie says there are no real secrets to an enduring marriage just remember to talk a lot, love a lot, laugh a lot, exercise a little and have a little fun.

Bill & Marie DeCaro live at the Harlee Manor Senior Center in Springfield, Delaware County. They will celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary later this month, on June 20th and the Center is planning a special day for them.

Bill and Marie are the world's 2nd longest-married couple the longest-married couple lives in India and they've been hitched for nearly 85 years!

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