Save thousands of dollars on wedding dresses

HOLLAND, Pa. - June 22, 2009 "It's a one-shoulder dress, very simple."

Nicole Polk loves her wedding gown but finding what she wanted at the price she wanted wasn't easy.

"Because I didn't want something terribly traditional, it was finding that every dress that I really liked was about $4,000 and up."

So Nicole surfed online and found all kinds of options on

"Used dresses, sample dresses, dresses that have never been worn before." connects buyers and sellers of wedding gowns and lists more than 2400 dresses in lots of different sizes from lots of different designers with lots of different pricetags, from $100 to $10,000.

Although more than half of all the dresses are priced below a $1,000 and a quarter are less than $500!

Nicole ended up getting hers from a woman in London for about half the original retail price.

"She put it up online for $1300 and I offered her $1000. She had decided to opt for a different dress because this dress is more a champagne color and she wanted something more ivory."

Nicole got her dress in just two days.

Meantime, Tia James made money by selling a dress.

"It was my dream wedding gown and I fell in love with it when I walked into the bridal shop."

But after buying it, she learned it would be too hard to tailor and since she bought it on sale for $320, she couldn't return it. So Tia was stuck until she discovered

"I sold my gown for $200."

It's just $25 to create an account on the website and list your dress and Tia says the site is easy to use.

"You upload your images, the size, is it new with tags, gently used and then you list your own terms and conditions."

For instance, whether you're picking up the cost of shipping the buyer can then contact you via email through the website. Your posting will stay up until the dress sells!

Tia sold hers in three months.

"It was awesome. It helped me pay off a little credit card balance I still had left from the wedding. It was phenomenal."

You can search for dresses by style, designer, price, and location. And that last category is key because if you can get to the seller in many cases, you can try the dress on before buying.

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