The Wii bowling battle

July 24, 2009 3:49:02 PM PDT
Some Delaware County seniors came ready to battle for bragging rights.Delaware County seniors from Lima Estates and Granite Run Estates went head-to-head determining once and for all, which retirement community has the best bowlers on the Nintendo Wii system.

They've been preparing for this day for months. A couple competitors have even rolled that elusive perfect game in practice rounds.

"One of the other ladies has a 300 game and I've been fortunate enough to have five," Bob Wilcox of Lima Estates said.

This is the first time Granite Farm Estates is facing off against Lima Estates and the competition is fierce.

This tournament has it all, from the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and even cheerleaders!

The seniors like Wii bowling because it doesn't require a lot of strength, but you need good hand-eye coordination.

"You have to do practice and you have to concentrate on where you want to put that ball," Peg McCarty of Granite Farm Estates said.

There aren't any trophies, but this competition has a different reward for everyone.

"Through bowling, I've met other people, I've never met before, and I don't just mean Granite, I mean in my own building," Elanor Peoples of Lima Estates said.