Mrs. Fixit: Caring for Containers

August 9, 2009 11:52:30 AM PDT
Keeping planters and container gardens healthy and watered can almost be a full time job. I have some ideas to help you out!

When you're planting containers, choose a soiless bagged mix. Garden soil by itself will become compacted and will inhibit the plants growth, plus they don't retain moisture so you have to water constantly.

Choose a soiless potting mix and water retaining crystals. Wet the crystals according to the package directions and then mix them wet with the potting mix. If you mix the crystals in dry and then water your arrangement will overflow and make a huge mess.

If you want a lush looking container, go by the rule of threes. You want something that grows up, something that trails down and something full for the middle. Use this rule and you'll always love your arrangements.

When you water a window box or a hanging basket, water until it drips out of the bottom, this way you know you've saturated the planting.

If your container is in a really sunny location consider mulching it, I know this might sound strange but mulch helps retain moisture and controls soil temperature. Try cocoa shells or sheets of moss for your containers.

Easy ways to keep your container planters looking their best! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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