Toilet gadgets save water and money

August 31, 2009

Jim Fasciocco of Fosh Plumbing and Heating explains, " Most toilets from 1992 and prior were anywhere from three-and-a-half to seven gallons per flush. Today's toilets are one-point-six , some are one-point-two-eight."

Toilets waste money -- and add to your water bill -- because the bowls fill more quickly than the tanks, but they don't stop using water until the tanks are full.

A "fill cycle diverter" costs just a couple of dollars and is very easy to install. To see what it looks like, click here.

Just hook the small plastic piece onto the fill tube and it diverts water from filling the bowl to filling the tank, so the tank fills more quickly and less water is wasted.

The water savings can equal about a gallon per flush.

Another easy fix is a tank bag. To see what one here, click here.

You fill it with water and hang it in the tank -- away from any moving parts.

"This here is to displace water in the tank," explains Fasciocco. "And the amount of water it holds is the amount you'll save with each flush."

Installing an adjustable flapper is a little trickie, but worth the effort.

You remove your existing flapper and turn the new one to the highest number. Install it and see if the flush works.

You may have to dial it down a few clicks -- but you'll still be using less water than you were with your old flapper.

You can buy a Toilet Tune-up Kit with all three of these items for just $7.99.

By adding these items to your toilet, you can save more than two gallons of water each time you flush . And you won't be wasting money on your water bill.

Here are some sites where you can buy these water-saving items:
AM Conservation Group
Green Logic
E3 Living

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