Unusual events at this rodeo

August 5, 2009 4:26:52 AM PDT
The circuit combines the rough-and-tumble American rodeo tradition with campy flourishes that you won't see at its straight counterpart.

The Liberty Stampede, one of more than a dozen gay rodeos nationwide this year, took place over the weekend on the rodeo grounds of the Lu Lu Shriners club in suburban Philadelphia.

The competitions include "goat dressing" where two people attempted to get a pair of underwear briefs on a goat.

Another gay rodeo signature, the "wild drag race," involves a man or woman, dressed in drag, trying to ride a steer across a finish line as two team members assist.

There now are 28 regional organizations throughout North America and 17 rodeos on the 2009 schedule, according to the International Gay Rodeo Association.