Mrs. Fixit: Packing Pointers

August 16, 2009

Before you pack any box, criss-cross some packing tape over the bottom. Reinforcing the bottom will keep the inside contents safe and ensure that the load doesn't fall out.

When packing fragile items don't forget the bottom of the box, even if you wrap your items carefully they could get jarred when the boxes are picked up and put down.

Try layering some foam egg cartons or cutting up an old foam mattress pad to protect the bottom of the box.

Pieces of that same mattress pad are the perfect buffer to wrap around those fragile items to keep them cushioned for the move.

When you finish packing a box, criss cross tape over the top of the box and use a thick permanent marker to label it clearly with both the contents and the room that it's headed to.

Label on both the top and the sides of the box so even if boxes are stacked you'll be able to clearly see what is inside each box which will make your unpacking tasks much easier.

Use these ideas with each box and your items will arrive safely will be a lot easier to get settled. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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