Tackling aggressive drivers in Delaware

CENTERVILLE, Del. - August 18, 2009 One will be armed with a radar gun, while the other will flags down the speedsters. The drivers will then get written up.

"We can make a greater impact on one particular area by working in teams versus kind of going out on our own where it's one car at time scenario," Cpl. Jeffrey Whitmarsh of the Delaware State Police said.

The troopers have already made an impact as more than 50 tickets were written Tuesday morning alone.

You can expect to see teams of Delaware State Troopers cracking down on speeders from now until October whether motorists like it or not.

Police say the initiative is aimed more at saving lives by getting speeders and aggressive drivers off the road.

"In Delaware, quite frankly, over 50% of our fatal crashes this year alone in 2009 have been attributed to aggressive driving behavior," Whitmarsh said.

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