Trooper's watch recovered after two years

BRANDYWINE HUNDRED, Del. - September 8, 2009 It all began on Sunday afternoon. Authorities say a trooper and his family had just eaten at the TGI Friday's restaurant on Rocky Run Parkway. They were headed out to his car when the trooper noticed a maroon Chevrolet Blazer parked extremely close to his car. When he approached the Blazer took off, and the trooper found his passenger side door lock was popped off, and his wife's wallet was stolen.

The trooper got into his police car and went looking for the Blazer, and found it at the Concrod Mall. The trooper found the driver rummaging through another car's glove box. He identified himself, and the driver tried to drive off. The trooper hung from the door and was able to put the vehicle in park and arrest the driver, identified as Angel Cruz, 54, of East Orleans Street in Philadelphia.

While he was in custody, police found Cruz was wearing a Delaware State Police 20 year anniversary watch which was stolen in 2007. Police say he modified it so the months on the watch were changed from English to Spanish.

The Blazer he was driving was also stolen, police say.

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