14-year-old shot in Strawberry Mansion dies

STRAWBERRY MANSION - September 8, 2009 "Normal kid who didn't deserve this, didn't deserve to die, didn't deserve to die," said Rochelle Powers.

The cold blooded killer rode up on his bike. The victim, identified by family as Kareem Haynes, was standing on a street corner talking to a couple of young ladies.

Sources say the shooter wanted to know if Haynes had punched him earlier. Haynes said it wasn't him. The explanation wasn't good enough. The teenage suspect pulled a gun and fired.

"The victim got up, stumbled down the block and collapsed a block away at 29th and Nicholas," said Captain Joe Bartorilla.

"I have a grandson and their very good friends. It's very upsetting for me any other grand parent, parent around here. Our children are truly not safe, not safe."

Police say the suspect fled on a silver bike, he was wearing a purple hoodie and jeans. Sources say he goes by the name "Gatti" on the streets.

As investigators searched the area for clues, the victim's bike rested against a street sign.

Friends say Haynes was preparing to enroll at Roxborough High School. Instead his family will now be preparing his funeral.

"It's sad because another one of our black children died to a senseless gun crime. It's ridiculous. It's out of control."

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