6-foot gator nabbed in Allentown

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - September 10, 2009

PHOTOS: 6-foot gator caught in Allentown
VIDEO: Workers nab alligator in Allentown
PHOTOS: Trenton officials catch alligator

Someone called police around lunchtime, to report that a large alligator was sunning itself, along a creek in Jordan Park.

Police and animal control responded and found the 6-foot long, 130 pound gator just hanging out on the shore.

It was quickly surrounded, pinned down, and its snout closed with tape, so it couldn't bite anyone. It was taken to a reptile farm in the Poconos.

Last Wednesday, Action News showed you a much smaller alligator that was captured at Stacy Pond Park in Trenton, New Jersey. That one was just 25 pounds.

Authorities think both the gators were pets that were set free when they grew too large.

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