Finding the job you want

September 11, 2009 Ford Myers wrote the book Get the Job you want Even when No One's hiring.

"There are still jobs available. There are great opportunities and my clients are landing jobs for even more money than they made before."

But for today's work world you have to employ a whole new strategy and plan to stick to it!

"A lot of people ask me 'when is the job market going to get back to normal' and the answer is 'it's not'."

So rule number one is don't think of yourself as a desperate job applicant, think of yourself as a valuable problem solver.

Rule number two, don't spend your entire interview talking about yourself.

"As a candidate what's more important is to ask the inteviewer 'what are your needs, challenges, problems and how can I be of most service'."

Rule number three is do not cast a wide net when job seeking.

"In today's world, a candidate needs to be more clear, more focused than ever before."

Rule four, when you're on an interview, do not show up empty handed.

"You want to show up with your portfolio or note pad and a folder of self-marketing documents."

Those include your resume, one-page biography, written accomplishment stories, positioning and exit statements.

Rule number five at the end of the interview, keep the ball in your court.

"At the end of the interview, you should not say 'I hope to hear from you.' What you should say is 'I'd like to follow up with you and what would be a good time for each of you'."

Myers also says when you're waiting for your interview, don't read a newspaper because you could get ink all over your hands and don't drink anything because you risk spilling on yourself and having to take restroom breaks at inappropriate times.

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