Thieves target Rowan Univ. students

GLASSBORO, N.J. - September 28, 2009 On September 12th, Rowan University junior Shannon Crumlish returned from a friend's house around 12:30 p.m. to find that her home on Normal Boulevard had been burglarized.

She said a flat screen TV, a computer, jewlery, clothes, a handbag, makeup and digital cameras were stolen.

The broken windows where the burglars entered have been repaired and now an alarm system is being installed. But, Shannon is still concerned because she and her two roommates are not the only victims in their neighborhood. There are at least four other homes along her block that have been hit in the last month or so. Ted Moontz is one of them.

"A lot of us go home for the weekend to see our families, or we go out at night and that's when they're predominantely hitting us," he said.

"They're always hitting people when they aren't around, so we just always have someone stay at home," said student Jason Moffatt. "That's what we've been doing and so far we haven't gotten robbed."

Students who live off-campus, especially on Normal Blvd., are concerned.

"We have three locks on every door and the windows are locked down and our basement, too," said student Bill Componile.

Some students are talking about former a neighborhood watch to help prevent more burglaries.

"I think it's really important that people in this community know that this kind of thing is going on so we can all look out for each other," said Crumlish.

Police are stepping up patrols in the area and they will hold a crime prevention meeting in the next week or so. The police chief in Glassboro said it's not just student houses that are being hit, so he reminds everyone to lock their doors.

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