Deer crashes through hair salon

NEWTOWN, Pa. – September 29, 2009

Monday afternoon at about 3:00 p.m. a deer crashed through the up-scale salon's front window with the shop full of customers.

The whole ordeal was captured on surveillance video.

Some employees and patrons dashed for the exits, while stylist Joe Cozzone directed the rest to the bathroom.

So, with the bathroom packed with startled customers... The deer plowed its way through the shop. It knocked over mirrors and shelves, bleeding from wounds it suffered barreling through the front window.

That's when the owner of the salon came up from his office.

Fortunately, the mailman, Robert Sinclair, just happened to show up and grab the terrified deer by its antlers. Witchell employees then covered the deer's eyes with a towel. They then guided the animal out the door and released it along a nearby creek.

The folks at David Witchell say Sinclair really saved the day.

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