Divorce dispute over a dough mixer

FAIRFIELD, N.J. (AP) - October 13, 2009

But the dough mixer Karin Seruga and Richard Zinn squabbled over is not your garden-variety kitchen standby. That is, unless you've got room for a 6-foot monster that weighs two tons.

Seruga and Zinn were fighting over the U.S. trademark for a commercial mixer known as the Artofex triple-action. It was invented in Switzerland nearly 100 years ago, and Zinn has been using the Artofex name in his bakery machine business even though his ex-wife owned the trademark.

But recently a federal judge ruled in Seruga's favor, and awarded her company $570,000 in damages. But guess what? Zinn's lawyer says they'll appeal. It seems some divorces never end.

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