Small business auction site offers deals

CRANBURY, New Jersey - November 4, 2009

These are just a few of the items that sold recently on auction site The website has six warehouses nationwide, including one in Cranbury, New Jersey, which we visited.

As far as you can see are shelves packed full of all sorts of merchanise.

"The product you're looking at right here really comes from any number of places," explains Rob Caskey of

"The largest retailers in the world, the largest department stores, warehouse clubs, the products they're not moving off their shelves quickly enough, it could be overstock, it could be surplus, it could be customer returns, we work with those retailers to help them get a recovery for that product," he explains.

That means you can find everything from diapers to flat-screen tv's, from bathtubs to video games, from purses to shoes.

The site is geared mainly toward small businesses. So small items, like shoes or toiletries, and paper products, are sold in large lots.

But large items -- like the flat-screen tvs -- are sold one at a time. If your bid in the online eBay-style auction wins, you can have your purchase shipped. Or, if it's at this warehouse just outside Trentron, you can just pick it up.

Mike Jagiello says he checks the site just about daily. The day we visited, he was picking up three flat-screen televisions. He said it was his sixth trip to the warehouse.

"Mostly electronics, tools," is how he described his purchases. I bought a pontoon boat before. Sometimes I use it myself, sometimes I sell them."

Some of the auction items are new, others are clearly labeled as returns or even salvage, which means you might just want them for parts.

But the site guarantees that name-brand items, like the lot of Coach purses that caught my eye, are all authentic.

"They're absolutely authentic," Caskey says. "We put all the sellers on our site through a rigorous screening process to make sure that the products that are being sold are authentic and that the buyers are going to get what they're paying for. "

To see what's now on sale at, click here.

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