Search for doughnut shop robber

RIDLEY TWP., Pa. - October 19, 2009 The most recent crime happened around 9:30 Thursday night at a store in Ridley Township. The suspect, described as a white man around 35 to 40 years old, orders a doughnut. He appears to check the store out and, finding no other customers, moves behind the counter.

There, police say, he implied he had a weapon by putting his hand in his pocket. He then told the female employee to give him all the cash.

"He said give me the money or I'll shoot you," said store manager Jay Patel. "She said, 'Okay, okay, I'll give it to you."

The clerk was not hurt, and the robber left the store with $750.

Police say the video shows the man wearing a heavy, 3/4 length coat. His blue jeans had rolled-up cuffs, but it is his hair that is most noticeable.

"His hair is thin at the top, and he has a high forehead, high widows' peak, and balding in the back. It looks like he has some sideburns down the side," said Lt. Scott Willoughby of the Ridley Township Police.

Last Monday night the same man walked into a Dunkin' Donuts store near the Granite Run Mall. In this case, police say he asked for directions, then went into the men's restroom. A few minutes later he came out, went behind the counter, and demanded money from the clerk.

Witnesses say the man gets away in a small, black station wagon with a license plate that starts with "H."

Anyone with information is asked to call Ridley Township Police at (610) 532-4000.

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