Family dogs found shot dead in Chester Co.

PENNSBURY, Pa. - October 26, 2009 "I started crying immediately because I have a dog and I care very much about animals," said Joanne Durfee, who found the dogs when she was out for a walk on Sunday afternooon.

She said they weren't just lying there as if they'd been hit by a car. Instead, she said, they were laid out tail to tail, as if part of some ritual.

"They were deliberately posed and laid very carefully in a position that, I knew right away, something was very, very wrong," she said.

The dogs were owned by a family that lives about three miles from where they were found. They were last seen at the home on Saturday. Luna and Emma were both about two years old.

They had both been shot between the eyes with a small caliber handgun.

Authorities say they are looking for a red Ford 150 pickup last seen near the family farm where the dogs lived.

"That's really execution style, without question. These are two sweet dogs," said Richard Britton of the Chester County SPCA. "They don't deserve this kind of finish."

The dogs were found dead just hours after they were reported missing. The SPCA is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this.

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