Philabundance works to satisfy demand

KENSINGTON - November 6, 2009

The shelves at Philabundance are stocked with donated food that helps nourish 65,000 people across 10 counties in eastern Pennsylvania and south jersey every year. The

The Philadelphia based food bank distributes most food through nonprofit agencies, churches and shelters. Solid Rock United Methodist Church picked up turkey, chicken, ham and canned goods today for its needy neighbors in Olney.

"We feed about 50, 60 families per month…much more than we used to and now we have a lot of emergencies coming during the week that we didn't have before," Reverend James Powell of Solid Rock United Methodist Church said.

The people who run the Whosoever Gospel Mission in Germantown call the Philabundance food critical.

"This is all in preparation for the meals we'll be serving... juice, hamburger, chicken, chili milk," Reverend Bob Emberger of Whosever Gospel Mission said.

While donations have remained constant despite the tough economy, the number of people who need donated food has increased 35-percent.

Philabundance managers tell Action News the food bank has expanded its outreach by offering produce to people at 12 area sites.

"We take the perishables, the fruits and the veggies, take them on trucks and go to neighborhoods where there is a dire need. We open up pretty much like a farmer's market and distribute food," Martha Buccino of Philabundance said.

10,000 volunteers help sort and stock food at Philabundance every year. but the agency's big concern now is making sure they get enough food donations to get enough donations to meet the increased demands of the holiday season.

"We're trying to keep up but it's tough. Our shelves are starting to look empty," Buccino said.

Philabundance hopes food drives help satisfy the area's growing holiday food needs.

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