Twin girls hit by car talk to Action News

LAWNCREST - November 8, 2009

Last Tuesday night, 8-year-olds Eryca and Kaitlyn were the victims of a hit and run as they crossed Colgate Street to get to the corner store a half-block from their Cheltenham Avenue home.

Eryca was able to run home, but Kaitlyn was rushed to Saint Christopher's Hospital in critical condition. She suffered a broken ankle, a broken arm, and abdominal injuries.

"She actually has the tire marks right across her stomach; they were actually surprised she didn't break her pelvis or her spine or anything," Maryann McIntyre, the twins' mother, said.

Neighbors tried in vain to stop the fleeing car, but were able to take down a license plate number.

Police have identified 22-year-old Shawn Timbers as a person of interest in the case.

Maryann has harsh words for whoever hit her girls.

"He's a coward for not stopping, for not turning himself in, just not paying attention to where he was going and her flying on the hood of the car, how could you not see?" Maryann said.

Eryca was released from the hospital that night. Kaitlyn spent two days in intensive care before she was finally released on Friday.

Both girls seemed cheerful as they read get-well cards Sunday from their friends, but it will take some time before Kaitlyn, especially, heals, both physically and emotionally.

"I think she has more emotional trauma, she was telling me she doesn't want to go outside because the car hit her," Maryann said.

Once the girls are completely healed, the parents say they have another mission, they'd like to see some additional speed limit signs, a speed bump, or a speed control camera put on the corner so what happened to their kids doesn't happen to another child.

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