Search for suspects in vandalism spree

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - November 9, 2009

When it all started about a month ago, it could've been written off as a few isolated pranks.

But it's gone way beyond that now.

"It's adding up. It could be up into the tens of thousands of dollars in damage. They'll be up to felony charges by now," said Lt. Ron McPherson of the Falls Twp. Police.

Over the past month the Falls Township Police Department has received 27 cases of vandalism.

The reports include BB pellets shot through windshields, ball bearings tossed through windows of homes and businesses, and even rocks hurled at lighted roadside signs, like the one at the Friendly Market on Bristol Pike.

The owner says he had just replaced an older sign with a new one when he arrived to see a big hole in the bottom.

"Cost us like over $1200 to $1500 to replace it, and with the insurance deductible we never bothered to replace it the second time," said owner Jatinder Patel.

The most recent case was three days ago when ther owners of CVA Contractors arrived to work to find their glass front door completely shattered.

They've since repaired the damage, but it has all amounted to time and money lost.

"I think it's just teenagers coming in and messing around. They think they're having a good time, but they're ruining our time over here," said Tony DiSandro.

Meantime, the Falls Township Police Department has a message for those responsible.

"It's in your best interest to come in and talk to us," said Lt. McPherson. "Eventually you're going to get caught or someone will turn you in."

One witness told police he saw a white sedan leave the scene after a Blockbuster video store was vandalized two weeks ago.

You can get the latest crime statistics from the Philadelphia Police by CLICKING HERE for the force's crime data mapping site.

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