Route change for Thanksgiving Day Parade

PHILADELPHIA - November 16, 2009

Last year's parade route went across Market Street, stopped at City Hall, and then headed along the Ben Franklin Parkway to the Art Museum.

This year, the parade starts along JFK Boulevard. It stops at 16th Street, about a block before City Hall, and then starts its journey along the Parkway.

Meanwhile, parade organizers know they are entering crunch time.

Believe it or not, preparations started the day after Thanksgiving last year. Now, with the holiday upon us again, they really start to step it up!

"Right now we're kind of getting to crossing the t's and dotting the i's. We're loading trucks, we're starting with the rehearsal process," said parade producer John Best.

Best shared with us some sketches of the new floats you will see in the parade. One has an alien theme, while another is called "under the sea."

"It is the crazy time," Best said, "But luckily, we have a great staff and great crew, and everyone's doing their part to make a great parade for Thanksgiving."

Also, look for familiar faces from Good Morning America, ABC daytime, and the Billboard charts.

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Hundreds of thousands of people attend the nation's oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade every year, now in its 90th year.

So, given the change in the parade route, you might want to solidify a spot a little earlier than usual.

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