'Inert' bottle bombs found at Phila. house

PORT RICHMOND - November 18, 2009

He told Action News he believes they were placed there to scare him out of testifying in court.

The Philadelphia Bomb Squad safely removed the suspected bottle bombs from the front of the teen's home, on the 2700 block of East Monmouth Street.

The devices were soda bottles filled with chemicals. Investigators say they were badly made and not capable of exploding.

But the teen -- who does not wish to be identified -- told Action News in an exclusive interview that, in the last couple of months, similar bottle bombs have exploded outside his home.

He didn't call police, despite repeated incidents. It was his mom who finally contacted authorities this morning.

"It's just now that we reported it because we're starting to get sick of it," he said.

When asked if he was scared, the teen said "No. I keep myself pretty well defended around the neighborhood."

He says the bombs started to show up after it was clear that he was going to testify in court on behalf of a friend.

The teen says he and his family have not reported the bombs to police until now, because they hoped they would be able to handle the situation themselves.

If the perpetrators are trying to scare the teen, it doesn't appear their tactics are working.

"Whoever's doing it, they're staying in the shadows, so it must mean they're scared of me equally."

Neighbors confirmed to Action News that there have been explosions outside the house in recent months.

Police conducted a number of interviews early Wednesday morning but so far have not indicated if they have any suspects.

Meanwhile, the District Attorney's office told the teen that if he is being threatened, he should call them. They said there is a process through which he can get protection for his own safety, and the safey of the people in the neighborhood.

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