Hunt for rapist who victimized a blind woman

HOLMESBURG - November 23, 2009

While entering her front door she was forced inside, bound, gagged and beaten and that she told police was just the beginning.

"The house was ransacked, the residence, and during the time the males were in the property one of the males sexually assaulted this victim," said Captain John Darby.

Since she is legally blind her description of the suspects is severely limited. Police are scanning surveillance video from a nearby corner bar to see if they can generate some leads one bar patron came outside and heard the woman's cries for help. He did not want his face shown.

"I walked towards the voice and I found this poor soul. She had duct tape around her jaw. Then when the police arrived we subsequently found out that she was bound at her ankles and her wrists. She had blood on the right side of her face."

Police do not believe this was a random crime. The robbers appeared to have some inside information on the victim and her belongings.

"There were some items taken, there were also some items, very specific items demanded, not money, that we just can't be specific about at this juncture," explained Capt. Darby.

The Citizens Crime Commission is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who helps police solve this crime.

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